Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why travel....?

A recent article posted on reports that experiences, in the long run, “make people happier than possessions.” But why? In part, it’s because the thrill of purchasing new “things” (a couch, for example) fades over time. Sure, the first few hours spent snuggled up on a spotless new sofa may bring you some joy, but the moment you get over the newness, the excitement wanes. Experiences, on the other hand, create memories – and often happy ones – that stick around long after the event has occurred.

Experiences, CNN adds, also provide a “sense of relatedness to others.” Sure, sitting on the couch may make you feel “close” to your special someone, but not the way a shared adventure can bring you closer to friends and family.

Experiences also offer a greater sense of vitality – of “being alive.” Think back to an event that’s made an impression – one that’s stuck with you over the years. Whatever kind it was – heart-thumping, rejuvenating, relaxing, inspiring, enlightening – we’d be willing to bet you’re smiling right now, just reminiscing about it. Now think about that new couch. Not quite as uplifting, huh?

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